This is insane

Hi everyone!

I posted some questions yesterday after a few unsuccessful attempts to use the aneros syn helix. Two folks replied (thanks to you two!) and gave some really complete answers with a few tips, like getting high on weed (something I already do daily in Canada, where it’s legal), listening to binaural beat and relax. Well, I didn’t though this was going to be so effective!

I did try once putting the syn helix when high before. I remember really well having a weird feeling down there while listening to some music and back then, I decided to remove it, thinking the toy was rubbing too hard on some part of my rectum. I now know how wrong I was and what I missed back then.

So, going back to yesterday, I decided to give an other chance to the syn helix with the tips the redditors gave me. I decided get high and comfy, wearing my a kigurumi, covering myself with a blanket and listening to the beats with a pair of headphone. I was a little apprehensive as I did use a large plug just before and thought this could have made me less sensitive to the pressure of the aneros. After 10 minutes of relaxing and doing some kegels exercices, the first feelings came at the same time as I was getting really high. I don’t know how it happened, but I really felt that the kegels was doing were becoming less and less an exercise and more and more a feeling of getting pounded, smoothly at first, and then really hard. It was quite surprising; this will sound weird, but I though I was getting fucked by a ghost cock and without any conscious effort I was fantasizing about some of my favorite kinks. This was awesome. I almost felt like I was really losing control with this pseudo-pounding I felt in my ass and I loved it; it was feeling more like having intense sex and less like I was masturbating. And most of the time, I was not even hard. When I did touch myself, I decided to resist, thinking how the fun would stop if I was cumming. The whole session lasted for 1h30 of intense pleasure but without any orgasm. But I really, but really don’t mind. This was awesome and I absolutely felt like the prostate was my only sexual organ and I was happy about it. To be honest, I rarely felt so bottom and submissive at the same time and I do want to explore this side of me even more. I thought I was doing exactly that when I started to play with big toys, but this is only part of it. This prostate massage is pure bliss and I can’t wait for my next session. These kegels muscle will get strong fast!



  1. What position where you in during the session? I’ve yet to find which one brings me the most success.

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