First Full Aneros Trident Session

I have a Trident the OG Aneros for my first one.
I used it for about 75minutes and these are my results.
Lemme know if you think this is a decent first time.

Numb warm tingly feelings

A medium size build up that ended in nothing but the build up felt nice

I felt like everytime it started to feel good my body forced the aneros out a little away from prostate, normal? Or recommendations

I had a few little twitches I tried to embrace them
I laid on my side like recommended.

Please any recommendations would be nice or if you think it was a successful first full session also 🙂



  1. Good to have pleasant feelings in your first session! Very promising. I’m still a beginner but some guys don’t have pleasant feelings for while into using an aneros, many sessions. Have you read many posts on here, or the male G spot wiki? Would recommend reading old posts from people who’ve had success so you know what to expect along the way.

  2. This is one of your first sessions? Pretty normal. In the beginning it seems like a lot is going on, but looking back in the future you’ll realise you have scraped the surface of the iceberg. Enjoy!

  3. You’re on the right track. You should make it a priority to strengthen and learn to differentiate between the relevant muscles. This is harder to do correctly than most guides would have you believe. I thought I had mastered doing kegels over the course of several months, only to realize that I was actually exercising my BC (bulbospongiosus) muscle while inconsistently flexing my PC muscle at the same time. I then learned to target my PC muscle alone… only to figure out that I was actually performing *reverse* kegels! The guides I had read all simply claimed that a proper kegel is the same as what you do when you abruptly stop urination… but it turns out there’s a few different ways of doing that! Mastering all of these exercises is important, and you’ll need to invest much more into them than just a few minutes every other day.
    I also had the same problem you described. It took me several sessions to realize that the massager is actually *supposed* to retreat from your prostate after making contact with it, and that you have to work all the muscles in a cyclic motion to make it come back and hit the spot again. By repeating this
    motion, I achieved prostate milking, but I couldn’t ever maintain it for very long… until one session when, on a whim, I performed the same motion without ever fully releasing my PC muscle. For some reason, that caused all the muscles down there to suddenly go into autopilot and play tug-of-war over the massager, slamming it *way* deeper into my P-spot than I ever got by doing kegels alone. Put briefly, it was like being on an orgasm roller coaster while seeing new colors for the first time. The surprise after things wound down and I removed the device was that, despite having just totally emptied my prostate, I was still erect, and I immediately managed to finish off with one final orgasm the old-fashioned way.

    By the way, you’d be surprised how much fluid your prostate can hold. Be prepared to make a mess. It’s actually kind of gross.

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