Second time results (need feedback PLEASE)

Hey guys I posted a few days ago about my first time, had a few nice feelings nothing crazy maybe 2 slight buildups.

Today when I got home I took a small dose of Kratom and went for 2 straight hours….

Atleast 1/2 of it was spent in what I believe were the lower end orgasm.

Let me know if I’m doing this right please here is what I did.

Essentially I sat there doing nothing for 30min, then the motion I did which was never really described properly I feel like was like clenching my butt then pinching like I had to pee. Two separate movements. I’d clench then squeeze. I started on my side and then switched back and forth between stomach and back.

I’d notice my penis bouncing up and down by itself rapidly(no control) and then turned into my entire body shaking for like an hour off and on. Obviously felt amazing I’d say equal to or slightly, very slightly less than a regular orgasm.

Any tips or confirmation on what I’m doing is right would be appreciated. Thanks 🙂


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  1. no tips, but confirmation.
    you’re a lucky guy to reach that stage after 2 sessions. there’s a lot of people who haven’t gotten there after months or even years.

    keep doing what works for you, build upon it. You’re learning a skill.

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