How to get a prostate orgasm with the Helix Sun?

I’m a beginner when it comes to Aneros play, so I’m not really sure what to do. If I have it in while I masturbate normally, it feels great, but I heard about a hands-free prostate orgasm. How do I reach this with my Helix? Please be as detailed as possible, or if there are any specific steps with breathing or muscle contraction please share




  1. I just started to get more serious about HFO recently. has been a great start. I downloaded it, made it side-by-side, and play it on a cheap headset that holds phones.

    I’ve been doing some daily PC exercises via a phone app.

    THC has really helped me focus on the minor sensations caused by flexing my PC muscle.

    Finally, I had some really good feelings putting a Hitachi want at the base of the toy (DeVice) and using a dimmer switch to control the vibrations. I still have to flex my PC to get the vibrations to right just right.

  2. I’m pretty new in the prostate play game, but I managed to experience full body-shaking hands-free orgasms last night.

    I’m using the Helix Syn and I found the r/ProstatePlay wiki very useful: [](

    Here are key takeouts from my own experience:

    * don’t play with your toy if your mind is busy with something, you should be focused on your prostate
    * empty your butt and your bladder before any session. A full bladder is a definite stop as you don’t feel your prostate as much (less sensitive and more unpleasant)
    * lie on your back with a thin pillow under your lower back, just so your butt is sort-of hanging just a bit (it gives imbalance, which is a key factor)
    * apply lube on your toy once, insert it shortly to lubricate your anus
    * then take out the toy and apply lube a second time, this will help the toy moving
    * insert the toy, close your eyes and just wait for things to develop, don’t flex your muscles, just relax and breathe
    * I noticed twisting the toy just a bit helped me position the p-tab on the perineum.
    * let things happen

    Being a novice, I have tried a few things:

    * listening to binaural beats − with a headset on − helped me better feel how my prostate tickles. Here are some of the tracks I found most effective:
    * [](
    * [](
    * listening to MindGasm tutorials helped a bit as well but I found them pretty distracting after all

    I may be forgetting things as I’m still new. But this helped me. I hope this will help you as well.

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