Progasm Ice: success on the first try!

Hey everyone!

I decided yesterday to buy the progasm to try something different, since I had little success with the Helix Syn. I thought that maybe a bigger and harder toy could do the try but I was a little apprehensive as the toy is labeled for experienced users. Well, I’m glad I didn’t stopped because of that.

So, yesterday night I thought I could at least try it to feel the difference with the helix syn. I was not expecting much to be honest: the toy seems to be less movable than the helix, I had a penile orgasm while having sex with my partner the day before and I wasn’t aroused at all. But being impatient, I decided to stick it in and went vaping some weed while sitting in my sofa. At first I was surprised how smooth and comfortable the progasm is even though it’s made of hard plastic (the size didn’t bothered me as I was wearing a quite bigger toy for a few hours before putting the progasm). But as soon as I sitted, I felt one of the tab pressing quite hard on the skin. While I was vaping I couldn’t stop feeling a bit of pain from that tab, something I was not quite a fan of. After that, I decided to start a binaural beat videos, lie down on my sofa and get a warm blanket on me like I do usually when I try to play with the helix syn (with an emphasis on *trying* as I’m still learning the technique to get these Os coming). At first I didn’t felt much difference from the helix but after 20minutes, I decided I would trust my lower body a little while contracting my base muscle and I started rubbing my nipples through my clothes, something I’m trying to combine with the aneros. I tried concentrating at first on my prostate but I thought I could try something else as it never worked for me. I placed my attention instead on the little pleasure I had from my nipples and I resisted stopping, something I tend to do when I play with them since it feels more like tickling than anything else…

And it worked! I felt aroused after a few minutes and I kept rubbing my chest while I felt something going on with my prostate. Like the two other times when I had orgasms with the helix syn, my mind started fantasizing a lot and after a few waves when I felt near an orgasm, I did get one, but not the kind I expected at all. If with the helix I was surfing on multiple waves of dry orgasms, this time I had a bigger one **and I ejaculated a lot**. This caught me off guard and I wasn’t able to keep it coming, so I stopped everything I was doing, looking at the mess I did. I wouldn’t have minded about it if I was still aroused, but I felt like this ejaculation had a similar effect to the feeling one can get after a penile orgasm and my partner was not for from me in the same room, which led to some feeling of shame. Confused by this and the fact my prostate was still taking some pleasure from the presence of the aneros, I decided to end the session for now and get changed.

All in all, this was fun and surprising! I’m really happy I got results on the first try as I’m still struggling with the helix. I’m not sure I prefer the wet HFO to the dry ones even though it seems to be the holy grail among many aneros fans. I still have to see if I can stay aroused after an ejaculation from the aneros progasm (and try to stay warm and nude in my cold apartment so I don’t mess myself everytime 😉 ). I really hope so but if it doesn’t work, I can at least use the progasm for short and intense sessions and the helix for long and more spiritual sessions.

On a final note for the kinksters around here, especially the subs: the more I have these Os with the aneros, the more I feel like this is the best way to “masturbate” in a submissive mindset. I always felt a little conflicted about jerking off and fantasizing or watching porn in a BDSM setting while thinking about being the submissive one. Using my cock didn’t felt perfectly right in combination with fantasizing about getting fucked/used/bred/degraded/etc. However, when I can get an aneros working, I feel like my subconscious goes faster than me and fills my mind with some of my most “extreme” fantasies without me asking for them. I absolutely love that; it feels like I’m really losing control.



  1. i didnt had yet a HFO but i had an super dry o again 20min ago… this one lasted like 6minutes. i felt some pumping(precum), my heart rate was high as fck and i felt “waves” through my body and i stayed so rock hard for 6minutes it did hurt a little at the end. this was the hardest erection of my life

    i am sitting here and just thinking… holy shit was this good and i am still horny as fck because this was a dry-o xD

    maybe i gonna give the Progasm another try 😉

  2. Your post inspired me to have a session I just finished up. I have a Helix and a Progasm. I had been working with the Helix and was having some enjoyable experiences but hadn’t gotten anything out of the ordinary. Your experience motivated me to change it up. I got closer than I ever had before. I spent about an hour and a half. Probably not enough. I worked my nipples pretty heavy during it. I found that on my back if I pushed down on the bed I was finding that place were I felt like I had to pee. I kept working that and I hit a new spot where I hadn’t been before. I felt what was like the little electrical shocks that guys talk about. It was the first time I experienced them and kept wanting more. I could find them at times but then they would go away. I probably was trying too hard and maybe didn’t go long enough, but I really felt like I made progress. I imagine sometimes I was trying to do kegels and pull it in too much and work it too hard, but that felt good too.

    Do you ever feel like the Progasm gets off center? It is hard to describe, but like it isn’t in the middle and maybe is searching for the prostate from its side? I had my knees up with feet on the bed. Sometimes if I would lean a bit to my left side it seemed like that need to pee increased.

    I imagine I just need to be into the mind of it more but I think I am making progress. Any suggestions are welcome.

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