First good sensation last night, was it the “awakening”?

I’m happy to say I felt something noteworthy for the first time in my session last night, but I have zero idea what it was.

I started sensing it about halfway through my session but up until that point I had felt nothing, which is normal for me. I noticed a very slight tingling feeling around the tip of the (helix syn) trident and I had just enough time to think “what…is that?” before the area exploded. It didn’t feel like an orgasm or but rather just fuzzy. It reached halfway up my back and all the way down to my feet. It lasted about 15 seconds and at its peak It was so overwhelming that I couldn’t tell where I was or what position I was in. After it had passed and for the rest of the session, I could feel my pulse on and off in the area. I really don’t know what that was but I can only think that that was my prostate awakening? Anyone else experienced something similar or know what I’m talking about?



  1. That’s a great sign! I remember dozing off or just lying in bed with the aneros in, and getting a sudden burst or jolt of pleasure. Over time your body will become better at recognizing this pleasure and amplifying it. Keep going!

  2. I can echo the experience. And it helped me focus on certain feelings. I know the Aneros might be touching the prostate, but I’ll intentionally flex something and try and focus on what moved and the feeling of that movement and what it’s touching. Focusing on that sensation can lead to an intense buildup.

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