First HFO! (27y/o)

Well, it’s been about 6 months using my aneros, and today I finally got my first hands free orgasm! (Of course the day after I spend $150 on the aneros website because of Black Friday to try out other products, haha) Didn’t cum, but there was enough precum to completely soak through my sweats, and it felt so great! I was starting to think it was all just make-believe.

I only made it to one orgasm, then a couple more close calls before I just jerked off. Overall the whole session was about 45 minutes. I just have the attention span of a squirrel, and got so excited after the first one I couldn’t relax.

I’m not typically a nipple person, but I was rubbing my nipple and watching a Himeros porn (a website that has more sensual gay porn, which to me helped keep me turned on much more). I was wearing sweat pants and a sweatshirt, which is abnormal for me, and lying on my stomach. I think this just helped me to not think of my dick so much while I was watching the porn, and focus on my feelings.

I welcome any other tips if you’ve got them!



  1. Amazing! Just keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll get multiple orgasms.

    Btw which lube are you using right now?

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