What’s my next step

Been toying with a aneros for years now. Have a few different models. While I’ve had a small handful of unique experiences which are enough to keep my going and assure me that there is something more to be discovered it has largely been a relatively dull affair.

I know my prostate is not very sensitive, I almost never get pleasure from direct contact and sometimes am not sure I’m making contact at all. However I do think some progress is being made. Recently I’ve noticed that after a few days of aneros sessions I’ll give myself a traditional orgasm. It’s for the day or two after the traditional orgasm that I’ll start getting pleasurable sensations from my prostate. Any time I get aroused I feel a pleasureable pulse from it.

I guess my question is wether it’s possible traditional orgasms could help me with obtaining prostate orgasms. Could a traditional o wake my prostate up to the point that’s it becomes more sensitive afterwards. Previously I’ve always leaned towards abstaining from masturbation and ejaculation to increase prostate sensation but could the opposite be more effective?

Appreciate any input you can give. Been at this long enough that I’m not gonna give up now but it does seem like a lot of the traditional wisdom doesn’t jive with my experience and that can be frustrating at times.

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  1. Hi I am in a similar situation. Perhaps one day we’ll both make a breakthrough. Not much help sorry!

  2. I’ve noticed exactly the same thing, actually. Sometimes I’ll stop jerking off for a few days (to build arousal for an Aneros session). However what ends up happening is before long I end up jerking off anyways, and then the next few days I feel my prostate buzzing and tingling.

    I think what helps the most is to time an Aneros session with being horny. Doesn’t matter what you do or how you get there, but feeling at least some arousal right before inserting the toy seems to be the key to a successful session (at least for me).

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