How do I stop falling asleep during my sessions

I never thought I’d be relaxing too much. I tend to hold my sessions around 9 or 10 at night, not too late but when combined with closing my eyes, not moving at all, listening to rain noise, and focusing on controlling my breathing, I eventually fall asleep. I always set an hour long timer so that I have a general idea on how long I’ve been going but for the past 6 or 7 sessions I’ve found that alarm wakes me up.

I feel like I’m cheating myself and hindering my progress by falling asleep. In my last session where I didn’t fall asleep, I felt something great and I’ve been trying to replicate or re-experience it. For whatever reason since then I have felt almost nothing, which is a little disheartening. When I do feel something it’s for a split second and it’s barely long enough to recognize that there was something, it comes just as fast as it goes. Maybe it’s because I keep falling asleep, maybe it’s because I’m going into a session with a goal in mind. Either way I want to stop falling asleep and actually experience the moment. Anyone have any ideas on what I could do to occupy myself enough so that I don’t fall asleep but not so much that I lose focus?



  1. Could try setting up a soft alarm occasionally to try to routinely root your in the presence.

  2. If it is late and you’re tired, then close your eyes and relax best you can with ambient rain sounds then you’re gonna fall asleep

  3. If you keep falling asleep, I’d suggest having sessions earlier in the evening. If you are like me, you can try also having a little bit caffeine. Not enough to make you jittery but just enough to keep you from dozing off.

  4. Like suggested below, have a session at a different time. Earlier in the day if it’s possible.

  5. If I’m gonna have a late evening session I’ll start it off with a coffee. Works for me 😀

  6. You could try to have a micro siesta, around 20 minutes, and then have your session.

  7. Frequent session sleeper/low energy person here.
    I haven’t found a cure-all but I do have some things that help me personally.

    * Figure out a balancing act of keeping yourself stimulated/focused whilst also being “near” or “around” the cusp of falling asleep. A good indicator when you find a middle ground is losing feelings in your limbs, like when your body hasn’t moved in a long time. But you are still awake/aware because of stimuli through something. You can test the waters if body/mind is the thing blocking you with something like this also.
    This helps if you can’t move the time you do things, or if you respond better near when you sleep like I do.

    * Go ahead and actually sleep, device removed. This is a bit session specific but if you have a really good buildup followed by getting so lax you near pass out, sometimes me sleeping after that has had me waking up after some time into basically explosive pleasure. It reminds me of a delayed response.

    * Bit of an advanced thing; but making your own video/audio or “set pieces” before a session. A blanket example I could give is hentai/porn/images/whatever, if that has audio put it low enough to vaguely hear it but not much. Then put an audio track “master” slightly above it.
    This keeps me in a position where I can flip back and fourth between eyes closed/eyes open and it keeps me from fully passing out.

    * Temperature. For me anyway if I relax + get comfortably warm I’ll pass out. If I’m cold, I’ll also pass out/not feel much. It’s pretty dumb on my end but, may be worth considering. Whatever can make you just a smidge over “sleep comfort”.

    I have other little misc. things I may or may not do all depending. Been dealing with the back and fourth of falling asleep a long time, because I’m rarely ever high energy.

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