Not Quite There (Pls help)

So I have had a helix trident for about a 1.5 years. I tried it maybe every 2 or 3 months until last month, where I started using it every week or two. Throughout all my sessions (with one exception) , the furthest I have gotten in pleasure is a mildly pleasant ( Does it count as p-waves) in my perineum when I am contracting my PC muscles (I think). That exception is my first session, where my lower abdomen also felt nice at the end of the session. I don’t feel I am making much progress, if any.

Anyone have any tips/ideas on what I could do to get better results? I think it might have to do with how I contract my muscles…maybe. I do a couple of things. I my focus on my pc muscle or outer anal sphincter (mostly pc muscle); I also will “poop” it (rectal muscle?) out a tiny bit, use my anal sphincter to suck it in , suck it in further with my pc muscle, contract my pc muscle a bit further–rinse and repeat. I think I have had the most consistent pleasure when contracting my pc muscles. Doing that, however, makes my dick hard and I’m not sure its supposed to happen from the contractions. Am I also contracting something else? How long should contractions be? Time and more practice should help, but I want to be sure I am not missing something. This whole process of pleasure is a bit abstract, yes?

To help with details- my sessions are 1-2 hours long. I use plenty of lube and will re-lube both the toy and my butt. It doesn’t ever feel unpleasant in my body (after I first insert it and my body adjusts for its presence). My butt sometimes wants to reject any object if I start immediately after cleaning my butt hole, but it relaxes after a bit. I feel no shame from prostate massages. I am bisexual anyway and never felt shame from that identity. Despite my somewhat lengthy post, I at least don’t think I am overthinking things when I am in the middle of the session. That comes afterwards with slight disappointment, though I do occasionally get a nice “tingly” feeling from my prostate area the next day (I’d say it is equivalent to an erection). I make sure not to cum for a substantial time, usually at least 2 weeks, before my session ( Yes, if you have a sharp eye, I actually used NNN to jumpstart a higher frequency of prostate massages.). I’ve looked at some sources, including the aneros wiki, but I don’t seem to find my answers



  1. Hmm I’m a beginner, only had four sessions. But in my fourth I set off involuntaries where the toy takes a life of its own. I did this by simply following my body’s normal contractions and after a certain point the muscles start to flutter. It seems to me like many regard this as an important step. For me it begins when you feel a vibration kind of sensation inside. It took me by surprise when it happened! Have you experienced that yet?

  2. Try to separate the muscles down there in your mind. Contract your anus, then the one you use to pee. Then see if you can “roll” them. Like a little Mexican wave between them. This can sometimes start a “tug of war” between them and it will start to flutter as one is contracting and the other is releasing.

    Either way, that progress is good progress. There’s a lot of tiny milestones like that. I’ve noticed that once something like that happens, you recognise it the next time and it’s easier to get to that point, that leads to the next feeling in the next session or two. Eventually, you recognise all these small feelings in one session and everything builds from there.

    Usually if I don’t cum for a few days and manage to not cum for as long as I can, I’ll get horny as hell and even while watching TV my muscles down there will be pulsing and I’ll even start leaking.
    Then when I have the time for a session it’s pretty overwhelming and reach insane amounts of pleasure.

    I use the Progasm Ice.

    Stick with it! You’re on the right path

  3. Feedback loop is probably the most perfect description of what happens when you’re really in the zone. Even your thoughts will hit that loop. The key I think is trying to get everything working in perfect time. 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 1 and … set an action for each part of the beat. Start with performing a clench on the 1’s and 3’s. Then once it is in perfect rhythm add an anal contraction to the 2 and 4. Then if you can really lock in on that rhythm and keep it going you could add something to the upbeat like a vocalization or try to contract in your lower abdominals.

    Don’t try and exaggerate your contractions. Just really light gentle pulls. It’s like Gloria Estefan say’s “The rhythm is gonna get ya”

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