A string of prostate orgasms followed by my first super O

I am not sure if this happens normally before someone has a super o, but I felt like for a minute or two, I would have repeated prostate orgasms maybe 10 seconds apart. I am still kinda in a daze.

I started out watching porn without any sound on then decided to put sound on too. I also at this point had a pull from my dab pen. One I started feeling the aneros moving by itself inside me , I would close my eyes and just listen. I think I had one or two prostate orgasms, lasting about 20 seconds each, before the string of them. I think I took another hit from my pen between the separated prostate orgasms and the string of them. But I am not sure since some time has passed now.

Then came the super o. I had the prostate orgasms and it felt really good and then it kept building and building. The whole time I had my eyes closed and it felt like I was spinning in space and the whole time I just had them most amazing feeling, I cant really describe it. I had trouble thinking of anything else and had to try to remember to keep my breathing. I had porn on my phone that was going the whole time and it lasted almost 10 minutes. There were waves to the super o I feel like. I’m not sure if it ever really stopped but there were times it felt more intense.

But then it started to slowly lose intensity and the good feelings started having more and more time between them. I thought I would be able to get another prostate orgasm but wasn’t really feeling anything anymore. I took out the aneros and it felt like my prostate was vibrating. I also felt cold and kept getting shivers but that would have been it actually being cold. Any tips on keeping it going after a super o? Also any questions you might have I’ll be happy to answer if I can

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/kg2dpj/a_string_of_prostate_orgasms_followed_by_my_first/


  1. Yea I love it now.. I wont touch my dick any more lol… thats all I have been thinking about

  2. Curious as to what type of porn you watch, and everyone else for that matter.

    I always watch anal femdom videos cause I just want a hot chick to fuck my ass and it turns me on. Is that what you watch or do you go with something different?

  3. Nice!! I hope to experience these things one day soon. If you don’t mind me asking, how often do you ejaculate? I’m wondering if there’s a greater chance of success for guys who aren’t cumming every day like I usually do.

    Also, what do you do to get sufficiently horny before a session? I find porn generally doesn’t make me *that* horny by itself unless I’m touching my dick, maybe I’m desensitized lol.

  4. Can you elaborate on feeling the aneros moving inside you? Having trouble understanding what that means

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