Prostate massage noobie looking for guidance

Hey everyone. So a little background: I am no stranger to anal play (I own some dildos, plugs, etc) and have bottomed numerous times. However, I am new to this prostate massage thing.

I found out about the Aneros on some reddit thread about male sex toys, and have been pretty intrigued after finding out about it.

I am wondering about what model to buy, first and foremost, and any additional things to buy along with it.
I do like the feeling of girth and fullness, but it seems as if a midsized model would work best for a beginner. I am a bit split between the Helix trident and the MGX trident.

Another thing I’m wondering about is what to expect my first few sessions, and how to go about it. Not sure if I’d lay on my belly, back, or what.

Any advice, guidance, or anything would be super helpful. Thank you!



  1. I was a beginner and got the MGX, I’d try something else as I’ve just bought a Progasm and I’m hoping that takes me to another level.

    I’m sure other members of the sub will have alot of recommendations

  2. Yeah midsized would be good. Aneros toys are unique in that bigger doesn’t not equal better. The smaller ones are actually considered more advanced. It’s because the angle that they hit on the prostate has more pleasure potential than a toy that is just big and girthy. I recommend getting any midsized one and seeing how you respond. You can’t really predict how your body will respond, since everyone is different. The toy will arrive with basic instruction which are also found on their website and forums. Personally I recommend natural oils (sesame, almond, coconut, castor) since they are healthy for the sphincter tissues and not filled with chemicals like commercial lubricants. Good luck! It’s an amazing journey.

  3. If the MGX is bigger than the Helix then maybe go for that. I went for the Helix to begin with as I was new to all anal pleasures. After 5 months I upgraded to the Progasm and absolutely love the girthyness to it. Would be a very wide fit for a beginner though.

    What to expect? It’s best to not have any expectations. I would suggest being open to all feelings so your body can get familiar with what muscles give what feelings. I would suggest checking out you’ll be able to warm up with some exercises before you get your toy, because these exercises will train the muscles that move the aneros over your prostate repeatedly.

  4. The key is mindful meditation. Just relax with only the sensations around your prostate. No expectations, just…..feel.

  5. I’ll say that the thinner the base, the more room the toy has to “move.” So even if it isn’t the biggest, it can still move quite a bit.

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