Which one to buy?

Hey! I am a gay bottom so i have a lot of experience with anal play. I also had a aneros mgx classic sole years ago but it didn’t do much for me.

I have a good relationship with my prostate. Sometimes when i orgasm with my penis i have an amazing feeling in my prostate and those are the best orgasm i experience. But i never managed to feel those wirhout touching my penis.

So i am no stranger to my anus, i know how to feel my prostate with my muscles. So which aneros do you recommend?

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  1. 3rd vote for Maximus. I’ve got a Helix Syn and don’t get as much movement from it so I only wear it when playing with the wife. For solo use, the Maximus is better for me. Feeling fuller and going a tad deeper.

  2. I started with the Progasm Jr. Using it felt pretty good but it didn’t quite get me where I wanted to be. It’s fairly large and I found it wasn’t able to hit the prostate in just the right spot. Then I got a Eupho Trident and it’s been incredible. It’s smaller and more manipulable, but I don’t even have to do much with it. I put it in and it hits all the right spots. Would recommend for an experienced person like yourself.

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