Muscle Soreness from Kegel Exercises (Mindgasm Training) – Break Yes/No?


I did an kegel exercise in the morning -> [Mindgasm Training]( Center and Base!

And Now I am thinking about my next ride with my Aneros! Should Iwait until the soreness is gone before I start the next session with my Aneros Helix Trident?

Do you have similiar with muscle soreness?

Thanks in advance!




  1. I would recommend waiting. If not for health/safety reasons, just because the soreness would be distracting.

  2. I would also say wait until it’s gone. I had soreness and a bit of burning when peeing after a very successful session with lots of progress. It went away after a few hours.

  3. I took a break.
    Yesterday, I went back to lesson 1 & 2. I am not sure if I achieved involuntary contractions. So, my plan is to stay at lesson 2 until I achieved this.
    What’s your opinion about it?

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