Just unboxed eupho trident, so excited

My first one was the MGX trident, my second one was the helix syn and third was the helix trident. Got the first one maybe 1.5 years ago but only really been exploring in new ways (patiently) the last year. Super excited to try the eupho trident. Not sure what all the correct words are for the warm waves I’ve felt so far and involuntary movements and shaking but I’ve been enjoying them. MGX was great but needed me to be way more relaxed and in the moment to enjoy. Helix has been a bit more forgiving and I can more easily enjoy it but it does less auto fucking than I get with the MGX. I’m excited to see what the eupho will be like, I enjoy the runaway train feeling of it doing its own thing so hoping I can explore that with the mobility of the eupho and it’s slightly longer length and steeper angle. I’m on a 48 hour edge. Going to take 12-24 hours off stimulation and enjoy this tomorrow!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/krw6dm/just_unboxed_eupho_trident_so_excited/


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