Questions about PC/Pelvic floor muscles

Been dabbling with prostate play every now and then for the past year and finally decided to take a real dive with an aneros yesterday. I’ve been reading around here and r/prostateplay and have a few questions.

1: Contracting the PC/Pelvic floor muscles is the way to get stimulation with an aneros, right?

2: The PC/Pelvic floor muscles are the same ones you use when you flex your penis, right? Like for example, maybe tmi but i’ll let the towel hang off my dick after a shower and lift it up and down, are those the same muscles as the ones being worked to achieve the Super O/waves?

3: If so, would towel lifts be a way to progressively overload PC training to achieve maximum dick gainz?

4: Ive been doing kegel exercises with the aforementioned dick flexors, and later into a set I get these involuntary spasms in the muscle controlling them. Is that the same spasm I should be going for with the aneros in?

Thanks for the replies, if you have any other beginner tips, I’d appreciate them.


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  1. It helps a lot to be able to control pc muscles and sphincter muscles independently. Pc is stop peeing and towel holder. Sphincter is close the back door and pull the toy in.

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