First time with the Trident Syn

I figured I would share my first experience with you all.

I’ve been curious about my P-spot for sometime and recently have been playing with some of the beginner toy sets. It’s been fun, getting the first P-waves and having my legs shake. After reading such great reviews with Aneros Trident Syn, so I decided to give it a whirl.

I’ve found that taking a bath, smoking some weed, and relaxing beforehand helps get my mind right. Then I drain the tub and have the ability to play right in the bathtub not worrying about getting lube anywhere and some of the beginner toys have a suction cup so it provides a surface for some additional leverage if needed.

So I get in the mood, reading sex stories and watching some videos online. Then slide my new aneros in. Really easy to slide in and no discomfort, almost thought it was two small at first. I started letting it move around a bit, and then it started… my hips were trying to gyrate, legs flinching and heavy breathing. I had a super intense erection, i tried not to touch it but felt like i was going to go mad, forced me to make one grab and squeeze before leaving it alone. As I continue to let it move while I started cumming without really contact. As that happened I caught my breath and decided to revisit this session again later.

Curious to know if this a similar experience as others, and maybe I should try a different method next time or double down.

Currently only practicing solo and privately. But with more training and orgasms, has anyone seen benefits that have made their sexual performance better even when not stimulating the prostate? I always like think Iā€™m training to give her a better sex too….and this training is just sooooo hard and not enjoyable šŸ˜‰