1. Yep, all the times ive used my aneroses, i have done so sober and without any help except maybe some porn, and or hypno files.

  2. I have. All natural. You just have to find a way to relax enough and get in the zone. And stay there.

  3. I understand it’s frustrating. Please read my post I just created to help with this.

  4. I can definitely cum and get really good orgasms without poppers or weed but those two things just make the experience so much more pleasurable and intense for me. I definitely do understand that not everyone has access to or just doesn’t want to use poppers or weed.

  5. Yes, I can successfully have orgasms every session with no drugs. Also have had some super Os now as well. I wouldn’t mind trying it sometime with some edibles but my job prohibits drug use and we get randomly tested. So after I retire we’ll see. It took a lot longer to achieve but it was so worth it.

  6. i have never done any kind of drug or poppers when playing… or ever for that matter. . it took me about 2 years of trying, but once i figured how to have hfo and hfwo its good. i do listen to some gonewild audio sometimes. i can close my eyes and put myself right in the story.

  7. Just commented in another post. 15+ years of using Aneros with many prostage orgasms, dry orgasms, super-o’s and never once with drugs.

  8. I have, although my best orgasm so far has been with about half a beer in me. I was able to orgasm twice yesterday with nothing special at all. This is after about a month of semi-regular sessions.

    It is pretty annoying seeing everyone here relying on weed. I’m sure it helps but I don’t want to rely on a drug just to get my prostate going. My understanding is that your initial orgasms will be harder to reach, but once you’ve had enough your prostate will be plenty sensitive to sessions whether you’re inebriated or not.

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