Unexpected Greatness

Today i experienced my first wet hfo wich was very surprising because i didnt intend on having such an intense session today.

To be fair i was having a great day finally started to get some shit in my life on track and work was good. hit the gym right after work and figured i´d take a shower with the aneros inserted (was quite pleasurable and gives you a change to clean it properly right after).

However nothing great happened there but a bit later i though i´d do some relaxing work with the aneros in but after inserting i could only focus on it hitting that spot. This i didnt expect because i had a session the day before and finished the normal way, lying on the bed one leg bent and up just enjoying the feelings with some tropical house playing. (the calm beats help me focus on the pulsing feelings they often synchronise with the music) After having some great sensations this way i was starting to think there might be more to come so i got out of the bed

Then i stood in front of my desk leaning on it with some porn playing in front of me and i stared to leak but way more than i had ever done.

At this point i used some thechniques from the mindgasm series.

For some reason wachting precum drip out of me makes me extremely horny so this built the sensation.

I put my phone on the ground and filmed the dripping ( not sure why but im glad i did).

After having strings of precum from my dick al the way to the ground leaking out of me the feelings peaked and what seemed to also be precum squirted out of me at these peaks.

it was at this moment i finally understood the things i had read about how much better this felt compared to a normal orgasm.

After squirting it out it was not like a normal orgasm that i stopped being horny it actually got even better and it happened a couple times more.

until it eventually built into full on cum instead of precum straight down on the camera.

After this point i cleaned up converted the highlights into gifs and sat there almost in disbelieve of what just happened.

Now i cant wait to do this again.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/l0u9gm/unexpected_greatness/


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  2. That sounds amazing, I’ve never actually leaked precum from it. Any chance you’ll post those gifs? 😛

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