Questions on the Progasm

How are the tabs for the progasm? I have the helix trident and after a while they can get uncomfortable. I haven’t seen much about those tabs but wanted to ask directly. Also what have been your experiences with the Progasm vs the Progasm jr? I understand the jr is smaller but I’m wondering if people prefer that. Since I have been using the helix trident for a while, I am leaning more towards Progasm because I feel like it is more likely to be a different experience from the helix trident than the jr is.



  1. First I’ll address the tabs. The Progasm tabs are honestly the most comfortable of all the Aneros models I own. I should mention that I don’t own any of the Trident models so I can’t compare it to them. That being said I can wear my Progasm for hours without any discomfort from the tabs. As to your second question, it’s really a matter of preference, but for me the Jr. has never gotten me even close to the same place the Progasm has. As my username suggests, the Progasm is far and away my favorite model. The size is good for me, and if anything, I wish it were even bigger. I really would like a Progasm XL version, but I digress. If you’re looking for a different and more intense experience, the Progasm is definitely the way to go. There just isn’t enough difference between the Helix and the Jr in my opinion. Hope that helps!

  2. The tab that touches the taint has given me some discomfort from time to time, namely if i haven’t used it in a while or i don’t adjust myself when I sit.

    As far as use, i typically use it for foreplay or penetrative sex, and there is nothing like it. At the point of orgasm, it wants to slip out so that can be distracting. I haven’t had luck using it and masturbation though..,.

    Good luck

  3. Because the tabs are sphere-shaped, they are very comfortable compared to some of the other, older models. I don’t know if it would be possible (and maybe Aneros tried it and it didn’t work), but a Progasm with the springy smaller tabs like on the MGX Syn Trident and other toys would allow for more thrusting movement. You get kinda a rocking movement with the Progasm, which can feel great.

    I appreciate the size and would use the Progasm a LOT more…except it doesn’t taper enough at the base so that the sphincter can hold it in, so…has a tendency to get pushed out when your usage starts to get a bit wilder…

  4. Program tabs were uncomfortable as hell until I heated them up and shaped them to match my Helix trident spacing.

    I still wish they would make a syn version of the Progasm. I like to sit and grind, something that can’t be done comfortably with the Progasm.

  5. I sometime think that program tabs sing to me. Like when people play wine glasses with water and rub the ring

  6. I don’t find them uncomfortable per say, but I do think they aren’t designed as the Trident models in terms of movement of toy itself. Progasm has more precise, limited movement than my MGX Trident (imo.)

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