1. I like image posts that help, educate, and have tips on prostate play. Having nothing but pictures of guys with toys in their asses doesn’t help me learn prostate orgasms. Not trying to offend anyone, I just think helpful information is better for everyone imho.

  2. I really feel like making a comment here shouldn’t mark your entire personal profile as NSFW. This is inconsistent with other subreddits like /r/sex.

    I feel like the mods should work with reddit admins to find rules that are compatible with this.

  3. I voted no because I don’t want to see butts/anuses even with a toy in it (it has no added value IMO), but I’m quite happy to see people post a picture of their uninserted toys with a description of how they use it, they journey, or informational pictures (like graphs and charts, I’ve seen good ones here actually).

  4. I like Aneros as much as the next guy, but I don’t need to see what it looks like in his bum.

  5. Conversely, I don’t mind seeing guys using them, but I recognise that this sub is practical, not pornographical and as much as love a dirty pic(s), I support keeping the sub on-topic.

    Could it be turned on and supported my rules specifying (a) only post images to support education/advice-seeking with the threat of removal/bans for violators, and (b) require a tag so users can avoid image posts?

    Either way I’m voting yes, but that’s where my thinking is (as a semi-active profile).

  6. I highly recommend two conditions: no crossposting, and no multiposting to more than two other subreddits. I also recommend a whitelist of acceptable hosts enforced by Automod.

    In case yall haven’t noticed, reddit’s been under the worst and most sustained spam attack I’ve ever seen in my entire twelve years on the site. Twelve years!

  7. I don’t like image posts of that sort, but I wouldn’t mind posts linking videos (no thumbnails) if they’re original content

  8. Only educational images. Allowing porn posts and self porn posts is a bad trend. For example, /cumfromanal a few years ago used to be a place with mostly text posts discussing how, more like this and prostateplay. Now it’s just a huge amount of pics and finding the posts where people talk about doing it and their techniques is sort of difficult. There’s already subs for this (/menwithtoys among others) so those users don’t need a new place to post.

  9. Hmm, well I don’t think the solution is a hard yes or no in ability to post images. There are times when posting a helpful image us great and I wouldn’t want to lose out on such posts being made.

    I think adding a rule of no porn for porn sake should help. Or maybe only external links to said videos.

    It isn’t like I’m offended by such posts. I actively enjoy and post my own stuff on other subreddits. I just am afraid as someone else said, the sub becomes less informative and devolves into just posting videos and pics of men using toys like r/cumfromanal (which I didn’t know was even an informational sub at one time since its all porn. I even directed a porn poster on here to there)

  10. If you can still post a link to an image, with some text, then I’m fine with posts with only images being removed.

  11. I was skeptical about prostate orgasms being an actual possibility until I saw videos of guys actually experience them from Aneros use. As far as that goes, I consider videos like that to be instructional, and inspiring to guys attempting to achieve multiple male orgasm to continue on their journeys. If you don’t feel that way you don’t have to watch them, it’s that simple. To censor content is not the way in my opinion. I do agree that just posting still shots of an Aneros toy in your ass is silly and unproductive.

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