What next?

I had my first progress today. After only about 10 minutes my whole face went flush and I started to have involuntary contractions. It lasted about a minute and felt really good but after that I couldn’t seem to regain that feeling. What do I need to do next to maintain that feeling and hopefully achieve a super o?

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  1. Practice and build up the muscle dexterity down there. It’s more of a workout than I thought for sure and getting involuntaries alone take a good amount of work, and then after the involuntaries your muscles are drained.

    Do some levels and keep practising.

  2. Same thing you did to get this first smidge of progress!

    Just know it ebbs and flows. Stay relaxed, observant and patient. I promise you will be able to regain that feeling.

    Let yourself feel whatever your body is feeling and just focus on breathing. If you feel tension anywhere, try to breathe into it and relax through it.

    It may helpful to think sexy thoughts. Whatever turns you on. Imagine a scene; not with every specific detail perhaps, more of a sexy daydream.

    If you have some time for some reading here is an interesting article from the aneros forums (3 pt. post):

    [ The Crimsonwolf Method: PreWiring and the Confident Boomerang by Crimsonwolf](https://www.aneros.com/community/general-discussion/the-crimsonwolf-method-prewiring-and-the-confident-boomerang/#post-9302)

  3. For those 10 minutes, were you doing contractions or other movements, and if so, what kind, length, intensity?

    I’ve been trying, but, so far, not here, yet.


  4. Keep going. Progress, any progress, is great news. You’ll have some sessions that are duds and some that are a step or two better than your last session. Slowly but surely your effectiveness at feeling pleasure will grow and you’ll develop control over inducing your pleasurable feelings. Good luck on your journey! It sounds like you are on the right course.

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