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Hey everyone, hope to get some advice here. I’ve been making progress, but seem to have plateaued.

Most of my sessions end with a WHFO, but they haven’t hit that next level. Call it a b+, good but I’ve had better. So I know there is more.

Can someone describe how to keep from going over the edge into ejaculation, without killing the good feelings? I’ve always had a somewhat short fuse, but this feels different. I can stop the train easily enough, but when I try to let it build to something more I just WHFO.

What am I missing? Am I focusing on the wrong feelings?


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  1. I’ve only had a few hfwo and all but one has been intentional, so I have a (very) small amount of insight. I’ll ask a few questions: what toy are you using? What position (if multiple, does hfwo occur in all of them)? How long have you been at this whole prostate play thing?

    My last breakthrough involved finally understand how to pretend my penis isn’t even there fwiw. There’s probably 100 things you could try, and I’m sure others will have some advice. I really think a lot of this manipulation is in your mind and your breathing. When I have a traditional o, I think about a lot of front facing zones (abs, quads, nipples) – for p-gasm it helps me to think of glutes, the small of my back/spine, shoulder blades (in tandem with internal prostate pleasure).

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