Lost in an orgasm

Early last week I had a session using my Eupho Trident that included an amazing 30 minute super-O. This weekend I’ve had theee sessions in less than 24 hours trying to recapture the magic of that super session.

Yesterday about noon was session 1 and I could tell right away that the Aneros toys were not going to work that session, so I dropped to the floor and rode my 8” dildo doggy style. That yielded a pretty great anal orgasm and I ended the session. Session 2 was last night, and I could tell right away that I my mindset wasn’t working, so after 20 minutes I pulled out the toy went to bed.

Session 3 was this morning right after waking up. I didn’t even attempt the Eupho or any of my Aneros toys. I just went straight to the dildo. When I ride I’m in doggie with the dildo suctioned to a support board behind me. I have a padded support in front of me chest high so I can relax my torso. I took a big hit of poppers from a rolled up sock, and pushed back so the dildo went deep into my rectum. My pc muscles were clamping down, trying to push the dildo out, and I pushed against them, which triggered probably the most intense anal orgasm I’ve experienced.

I felt myself hit the peak of pleasure, then lost all sense of where I was or what just happened. My vision was an out-of-focus blur. I managed to think a semi-coherent thought that I was lost inside my orgasm. I fought to come back to reality and gradually came back to the world. It was both frightening and amazing. Several more great it less intense orgasms followed.

As I said in a post last week, the results of a prostate play session , for me, is totally unpredictable. I guess it pays to have backup techniques, and be willing to accept each session for what it offers.

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