Orgasm Bootcamp

I am looking to launch a private Open Orgasm Bootcamp. The purpose is to help men who are looking to have more enhanced orgasms via meditation, arousal exercises, and prostate stimulation.


Length: 6 weeks

Location: Primarily through a private Reddit forum (ie, subreddit)

Cost: None

Reward: $20 Visa giftcard

Max participants: 100

Min participants: 15


Open to physiotypical male-bodied participants only (exceptions may be made for trans individuals, please contact me to see if you qualify)

Two toys

Passive prostate toy (like, but not necessarily an, Aneros Helix Syn)

Lovense Edge (either model) programmable vibrator

Active participation on at least a weekly basis (participants with substandard participation will not be eligible for the $20 gift card)


Scheduled meditative and masturbatory exercises, varying week to week

Daily discussion threads

Polls and other data gathering

No personally identifying information is necessary, however photo proof of owning the required toys will be requested. All data gathered is assumed to be reusable in any future form (but again, nothing that could possibly identify you will be gathered or requested). An email address is needed for the giftcard, but it can be a burner email.

If you are interested please answer the poll on [my blog](



  1. Sounds interesting, I answered the poll. Assuming there is interest for this (seems so), any idea when the bootcamp begins?

  2. This is an interesting idea. Is this something we all do at the same time and are in a voice channel together (like discord) or are we just given a weekly task that we report back on?

  3. Intriguing, but I wouldn’t be able to join at the moment. If you do hold it, hopefully you could hold it some time in the future as well.

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