Beginning to make some major progress, but I still feel like I’m not quite there

I’ve been trying out prostate play now for around 3 months and up until recently I struggled to get much out of it and would only feel satisfied by giving myself an orgasm via penile stimulation. However recently, I discovered that by letting the toy sit in me for 5-15 minutes and by only doing light contractions, I can get some really insane pleasure.

So in my last session, I used my Helix Trident (the white plastic one) first and after 10 minutes I was already oozing fluid and could feel my prostate radiating with pleasure, and that was before even doing any contractions. Once I started doing contractions, I noticed that for the first time I was able to focus on a feeling which felt like a strong tingle which continued to build up in my prostate. I was able to maintain this feeling for maybe 20-25 minutes before the feeling died down.

Although the feeling had gone, i still felt “good” down there but it was no where near the strong feeling that I had before. I continued to try doing a mixture of light contractions and waiting a minute or two in between but I could no longer get the feeling to come back. I then switched to my Progasm afterwards which did enhance the pleasure a little, but didn’t bring back the feeling that I had before. I maybe went for two hours before accepting that I wasn’t going to get anymore out of that session.

Has anyone else has this experience? And if so, what did they do to bring back the intense sensations?



  1. Hey bud! From someone who has only just recently crossed the threshold into full PGasm wonderland it sounds like you are close. DONT GIVE UP!
    In my first post I describe my journey and, at that point, I got consistent pwaves and a couple of mini Os.
    It was that afternoon, after being encouraged by the advice I received on my post, that I had my first PGasm.
    I am by no means an expert but I really think I got over the edge by just letting go. Read my first post and the advice I got. I might also help you 😉

  2. It can be a drawback, but you should prioritize giving yourself 60-90 minutes each session. As you gain experience, the time needed to get to orgasmic state will reduce gradually.

    If you’re new to prostate play, you’re learning a new skill and it’s a totally different mindset from penile stimulation. This is complicated because most guys can reach orgasm pretty quickly this way, so it’s easy to fall into the trap of “it’s been 15 minutes and I’m not cumming yet… What am I doing wrong?”. If you allow yourself a bulk of time to really settle in, you’ll be able to practice letting go of expectations and actually explore the new feelings. In my experience, after about 2-3 years I shortened my time from start of session to orgasmic pwaves down to about 10 minutes but for me it was very gradual. Once I learned to get out of my head and just focus what I WAS feeling vs what I WANTED to feel… That is when I started the real journey to what I WANTED.

    Afterthought edit: you mentioned trying to get back to the feeling after you lost it. I do the same thing, but it’s another aspect I’ve been working on. For me, when I start comparing the waves I’m feeling now to the ones I was getting a few minutes ago it creates a distraction from all the other things I’m trying to control. Inevitably making it more difficult to focus/relax.

    Tl:dr – you’re on track, and everyone’s timeline is different. Make sure you’re in the right mental place before you start. Give yourself plenty of time (60 minutes minimum when you’re learning imo) and you’ll likely advance with more ease.

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