Pressure / Build up

I recently made a discovery during a session. When I try to only contract the PC muscles at the end, where my dick comes out and relax all the other muscles behind, that are near the sphincter, I have better sessions.

When I contract all the pc muscles, I cannot get enough blood into my prostate and when I relax too much, there is no pressure / build up in my prostate. Does anybody else have to focus on this as much as I do?

Well I have very bad blood circulation because of my past smoking habit (quit >1 month ago), so it could be just me. But I only read about individually controlling sphincter and PC muscles. I never read about individually controlling different parts of the PC muscles.


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  1. Hey bud. I don’t really concentrate too much on contracting specific portions of the PC muscle BUT when the involuntaries get going i definitely feel like the PC contracts in a rolling wave from closer to the anus all the way up to the root of my cock and the prostate. this rolling contraction gets more intense and builds up the PWaves to the point of orgasm.

    When the PGasm contractions hit they are very much centred and strongest around the prostate and root of my cock (which feels unbelievable by the way…LOL)

    Congrats on quitting the coffin nails by the way!!!!

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