Aneros standing in the shower?

Does anyone use their aneros while standing in the shower? Any techniques or tips here?

Before showering, I did my second session ever today for about 30 minutes laying down on my back. Again some nice sensations in my glans from rubbing the nips but nothing mind-blowing, still experimenting.

After my session I just kept the Helix Trident in and took my shower for another 30 minutes standing upright. Again playing with a nipple made me feel _something_ for a few seconds, but nothing I can’t do by clenching my PC muscles for 10 seconds.

Was in me for a total of an hour before my anus started to feel a bit sore. The aneros is definitely fun but so far not very arousing or pleasurable for me.



  1. I’ve done the same. It feels good but I don’t think I’ll ever get far while standing, I think it’s important to be able to relax. I have had better luck taking a bath.

  2. Yes, however the fact that you have to stand/support yourself will prevent you from getting far. You may notice some pleasure if you stop and just feel it for a while but if you’re moving around and actually showering it doesn’t do much. If you really want the bathroom experience, try a bath instead. To really enjoy you basically have to let go and, as others say.. relax and go with it.

  3. I’ve found it to be helpful. With no expectation of having time to “finish” I was able to just focus on learning to control different muscle groups and move the aneros. It’s made my other sessions more enjoyable.

  4. Lay on your back so you have full freedom of movement so you can squeeze the plug right up against your prostate. This isn’t something you can skip over the basics on, take your time and put the effort in. You aren’t going to get anywhere doing other things and not putting your full focus on it.

    Also, have you seen the full body spasms people can have when they hit it just right? This is not an activity for slippery, potentially dangerous situations imo.

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