First time experience with Helix Trident. Advice?

I used the Helix Trident (plastic) for the first time this week. I wasn’t sure what to expect because I have never tried prostate play beyond two fingers.

I’m so tight I can’t bottom without pain, but the aneros slid in easily once covered in vaseline and was so comfortable I couldn’t really feel it in me.

Lying on my back, I started doing kegels and experimenting. The only sensation I got was from rubbing my nipples, which produced the same feeling in my glans. Never got hard during the 30 minute session and tried to focus on the prostate. The absolute best I could do is getting that slightly orgasmic feeling when clenching the PC muscles for 10 or 15 seconds.

I usually don’t have precum and I didn’t this time either, which was kinda disappointing. After 30 minutes I wanted to see if jerking off would bring some feeling to the prostate, and it didn’t, so I finished the session by jerking off. I definitely won’t do that again because of the “rewiring” process, but I had to try once.

Overall, I got a lot more prostate stimulation from rubbing it directly with two fingers while jerking off than from the aneros itself. I did get some interesting feelings that’d I’d rate 2/10 on a scale from 0 to orgasm, but I had to really focus on my nipples while holding a kegel at 50% to produce those feelings.

Some complaints: I found that one arm really pressed my perineum and the other tab didn’t even make contact, so I tried to readjust it a bit and try different positions. With some pushing and readjustment it eventually aligned, and while not uncomfortable, I found the tabs didn’t really add much for me. The P-tab kept slipping off from side to side too, so making sure the device was aligned was a bit annoying.

If anyone has any pointers for me, I’m going to try again soon with coconut oil as lube instead.



  1. From my time using Aneros, 10+ years, experiment with different techniques, what some guys say are “don’ts” help me. And over the course of time things that worked before stop and things that didn’t do anything, begin to work.

    I definitely don’t think what is posted here is a 100 km from correct but it leans towards, follow steps A – F and you’ll be flying which is not at all how it worked or works for me. The idea of this being a strictly step-by-step is why I think we see guys who’ve been at it twice and are going to throw the thing in the bin. I get it, I like to follow recipes and repair cars, step-by-step shit, this is more like a Choose Your Own Adventure book, you can’t start at the end but you won’t go wrong by trying different ways.

    In my opinion, by not routinely trying all sorts of things, positions, tense/relaxed, jo/no jo, manually moving toy, etc. you might be missing what triggers your body. I would have if I followed what seems to be gelling as a common understanding as “the way” to make this work. We share a similar anatomy but experience it differently and from one session to the next.

    Most importantly, just give yourself time, like years if needed, because it’s as crazy as you think once you hit the spot. And, if your pants are off you already on your way to a smile no matter what.

  2. Hey bud. I have only been at this for about 6 months so am far from an expert but i HAVE just recently broken through into PGasmland.

    You have to be patient and let your body build on the successes it has.

    The rewiring is a real thing and takes time but it DOES happen.

    From what you have already said i can tell you that you are already getting successes: you are generating precum which means that you are on and stimulating the prostate, you are getting orgasmic feelings/PWaves. These are great signs of progress!

    For me i counted my milestones as Involuntaries that lead to PWaves that lead to Mini-O and, just recently to full PGasms.

    I think my progress, from what i can gather, has been slightly faster than usual but it still took months. Just keep you eye on the prize cos WHAT A PRIZE!

    Seriously man, stick with it cos once you get there it is WAY BETTER than you can ever imagine!!!!!!!

  3. – Sounds like you’re a bit impatient. Try doing absolutely nothing (kegels etc). Just relax and breath and feel. It took me a while to get used to the sensations. I know some people here who say they have like 30min-1hr sessions but for me it’s much longer. Closer to 3-4hrs with a break somewhere in the middle.
    – try some audio, there’s some good stuff on /r/gonewildaudio
    – try different body positions. For me the feeling is different eg on back vs on side
    – try doing the exercises (with or without toy)
    – perhaps the Helix isn’t the right toy for you. While I definitely got some good use out of it, for me the Eupho is like 10x better.
    – re: the tabs, I find it’s best to try and ignore them. I feel they’re there as “icing on the cake” rather than absolutely necessary. Only time I’ll adjust is if they get uncomfortable.
    – re: lube, i’d try some water based stuff at some point. You really want to encourage movement.

  4. From all what I have been reading, there is no recipe that works 100% for everyone. It seems there are many paths to PGasmland, and some paths will be longer than others.

    From all I have read the best advice I take away is the following :

    – relax as much as you can, especially when your body tries to make you contract
    – listen to even the lightest tingle, throbbing, or any sensation you may feel. Follow each of these and see where they lead

    You will be disappointed. Many times.

    You will find nice sensations. And you will lose them.

    The journey is an experience by itself.

    Be patient, give a few days to let your prostate rest until the next session.

    Good luck to you!

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