Is it me or does coconut oil dry out fast?

What the title says. Most of the time, the coconut oil drys when I use my aneros which leaves my anus a bit dry. Do I have to keep on reapplying it once in a while or just use a hefty amount to make sure it’s well lubricated? Also I am tying to see if I could sleep with the aneros inside me without constantly trying to reapply coconut oil on my aneros.



  1. I haven’t had any problem with drying out from Coconut oil. Maybe you’re not using enough

  2. How are you using the coconut oil, and how long are your sessions during which the oil dries out? I used to sleep with the MGX in overnight with no lubrication issues, but what I do is insert 2 ml of frozen coconut oil or so. That lasts all night

  3. Hey bud.

    When i want an oil based lube i use Shea butter or cocoa butter. it’s thick and stays nice and greasy for ages (and leaves your bum nice and soft!). Also, it’s fairly cheap…WIN WIN!!!

  4. I had a great session last night with coconut oil. It was the first time I used it and I’ll never go back to water based lube. Previously I used astroglide. Coconut oil was amazing. Perhaps you weren’t using enough?

  5. I have also had this experience of reading the suggestions of using coconut oil, trying it and finding out it does not really work for me. But I am really wondering if all the coconut oils out there are the same? The one I have here is deodorized and biologic, what do you guys have?

  6. After trying silicone lubes, coconut oil (infusd with THC of course!), and most regular lubes off the shelf, plus all kinds of lube syringes and stuff, the best of all time for butthole play is THE BUTTERS. I am not affiliated with them in any way but I love their lube.

    Get a jar of the [Palm Grease](, I use it for regular play sessions and for sleeping with the Aneros Syn in me and it is still slippy slidey in the morning without spreading everywhere you don’t need it to, and washes off easily.

    I also use the [Cocoa Butter lube]( for stroking and keeping my cock soft and moisturized.

  7. I don’t like coconut oil for anal stuff. It’s too thin and needs to be refreshed too often. I prefer crisco. It’s silky smooth, it lasts forever, and is cost effective. No worries about using it with silicone or pvc toys. Oh, and regarding quantity of whatever type of lube you use: you can’t use too much, but can definitely use too little.

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