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So I’ve been on this aneros train on and off for about 6 years now, but only really in the last year have I given proper thought and effort to exploring this. I own two aneros products — the helix syn and the progasm.

After reading through various posts, it appeared to me that doing kegels were important, but mindfulness was more so than anything else. So yesterday, I tried something slightly different — I came into my session as relaxed as possible, and adopting a “curious” mindset to anything I felt during the session rather than trying to force anything. I started off by inserting the helix and scrolling Reddit for about 10 minutes to just get used to it in me. Then, I lay down with my knees up, feet flat on the bed and listened to some calming music/binaural beats.

In past sessions, because I’ve seen videos of guys basically flopping around on the bed, I thought that I had to try and imitate that kind of movement and deliberately squeezed/moved to try and emphasise that. Well, that would give me some feelings but it would often exhaust me and feel discouraged at the end of the session. Tonight’s session on the other hand, I really just focused on relaxing as much as possible and letting my body move when it wanted to. I focused on my breathing (5 seconds in, 5 seconds out) and tried to leave my body as relaxed as possible.

Personally, I think it paid off. Tonight I could feel distinctly a kind of “pulsation” throughout my body that began in the ass, the sensation not quite unlike a strong wave in a pool rocking through you. Each pulse would come after 3-4 heartbeats, and they gradually grew in size till it would pass through my whole body. It felt nothing like a traditional penile orgasm which I am familiar with, but a subtle and calming feeling (imagine like a moment of complete calm, or “flow”). I could feel my aneros moving on its own in my ass, but not due to my own actions.

At this point, I was doing two things: to relax as much as possible, and then be aware of the aneros as much as possible. Typically I just “forget” it is in my body, but tonight I focused as much as possible on visualising where it was — if it was pushing up against my prostate. I found that when I did, the pulsations began to build in pleasure. Not because I was “forcing” my body to do anything, but because I was trying to notice my body’s responses more. I had one point where it felt like a low rush of endorphins were running through my whole body.

I ended the session after an hour, when I felt my mental focus beginning to flag (started having random, intrusive thoughts about work, conversations with friends). I feel deeply encouraged by this involuntary kind of pleasure, and this morning I still had moments of feeling that “pulse” just lying in bed. It’s quite unlike anything I experienced in terms of pleasure, and truly nothing like a penile orgasm in terms of build up. Am I on the right track, folks? Thanks in advance.


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  1. I tend to treat my Aneros sessions as a more mystical experience as opposed to just masturbating. Like what you describe with mindfulness, conscious breath work, ambient music, low lights.

    I open myself with legs elevated, no pressure on the device, Iet it “settle”, and breathe into my root chakra. I also use imagery of light pulsation with the breath and focus my awareness to my ass and prostate.
    Yes, the Aneros (Progasm) does indeed move on its own, eventually giving off pulses. I never “try”, just let it settle to where it moves. I don’t have a goal. This is meditation. I do breathe into it as pulsation come up. Sometimes I experience leaking, pulsation from my penis, and my balls will pulse. I simply observe and allow.

    It’s different each time, anything from intense “dry” orgasm to a full on build to intense orgasm and release. I also experience rolling pulsations up to my solar plexus and contractions with jagged breath and “aftershocks” up to 15 minutes.

    I think trying to quantify the experience misses the point. The prostate is a portal, orgasm is a merging and release of sacred energies. It is a connection to our inner selves that can be profound and unlike normal sexual release. Sounds like you are on the right path for you.

  2. It sounds like you have got some really nice involuntaries and pwaves going there 👍🏼

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