4 comments on “Nexus Revo?

  1. A great toy that has a tendency to break. A few years ago it was still worth it, but these days you can find rotating toys almost as good on Amazon for a fraction of the price. When a $30 toy breaks, it feels less heartbreaking. There’s little the revo does that other toys aren’t doing as well, but back 5 years, things were different.

  2. I had the Revo and it broke very quickly. No way is it worth the money it was worth then, and now.
    I used to clench my muscles when it was rotating and it just stops, because it’s too much force, I guess. If I didn’t do that, then it would do it’s thing, but I didn’t feel any sensations.

    It might be just me.

    But if you’re looking for something different, I got this one


    It has stronger vibrations and it rotates quicker (on the fastest setting), than the Revo.

    And it’s cheap as hell.

    And it has a remote.

    Oh yeah, the Revo wouldn’t charge anymore, that was another problem with it. I have no idea what happened, but it sucks.

    This one here from Adorime is better and like 13x cheaper.
    Oh, it still stops when you clench your muscles too much, so I guess you just don’t do that with any toy.

  3. I personally love the nexus revo, and the one i bought years ago still holds strong. No complaints about breaking. I know some people have problems with it, but again: i don’t and i love the toy.

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