Prostate stimulation and ejaculation

A little bit of background: I have been doing prostate play for about 3 years, mostly with toys and my wife’s fingering. However, I never experienced prostate orgasm that does not invove ejaculation. In other words, I always have had to stimulate penis to be able to cum.

So I was using my toy for solo play today. Instead of just relaxing and flexing, I actively put pressure on the prostate by grinding the head of the toy on it. I’m familiar with the location and feeling of my prostate, so it wasn’t hard to hit the right spot. After about 2 minutes have passed, I started to notice that there was a drop of cum on my penis. However, it was not typical pre-cum that would cone out; it felt as if the pressure on the prostate was “squeezing” sperm out of the prostate, and soon after a heavy drop of sperm actually fell on the ground (I was standing). Although it did not involve an orgasm, I was wondering if it would lead to a typical wet ejaculation orgasm.

My question is that is this how some men ejaculate through prostate play? I have seen men ejaculate only with prostate stimulation, both with and without “p-spot orgasm.” Can this possibly contribute to the conventional p-spot orgasm?


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  1. Hey man!

    That sounds like it could have been prostatic fluid rather than a full load of cum. Prostatic fluid is milky and super sticky/kinda oily and slick.

    I don’t usually produce that but i do produce a lot of precum which is clear. I have produced prostatic fluid when i had my prostate milked by a very talented guy YEARS ago and i remember thinking “was he squeezing the cum out of me?” cos it didn’t feel like i was ejaculating at all. He then explained what was happening and i was like “Oh, Ok. Awesome! Carry On!” LOL.

    I think for the guys that have full wet orgasms from prostate play, i don’t know exactly how they do it, but i think that they are sooo tuned into the contractions of the prostate orgasm that they are able to move that orgasm to their cock and trigger a regular penile orgasm. Again though, i am not sure about that.

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