I feel like I need to deprogram…

After reading a lot of posts here I feel like I’m on the wrong track. I recently got a MGX after dipping my toes in a few years ago. I’m straight and have minimal experience with butt stuff.. I know a lot of you say it takes a lot of work and time, but I’m already getting some AMAZING feelings. I get stomach flutters, racing heart, and at times it feels like it’s building up to an explosion. When I’m ready to stop I can do so feeling satisfied without a more traditional release, which never happens with penile mastutbation. However to get most of this I have to do slightly pelvic thrusts and hip gyrations in addition to kegals and anus clenching… I’m trying to stay hands free apart from the occasional drip check. I’m familiar with the terminology used here, but not sure how it applies to what I’m feeling.
Is there and guided audio tracks that tell me what exactly I should be doing? Or perhaps and words of guidance? Hate to be redundant with all the other new posters. Thank you.

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  1. Thrusting does enhance the pleasure, no need to feel you’re cheating!
    Do you get involuntary contractions? Those are the surest way to go all the way. Once they really get going, the pleasure is unstoppable. To get the involuntaries really going is a meditation exercise – you have to focus on them and melt into them.

  2. For me the biggest hurdle was a subtle fear of letting orgasm overwhelm over. I still wanted my orgasms packaged. I didn’t want to find myself screaming and flopping around on the bed, as I live in an apartment. I did finally let go when staying in a cabin in the woods, where no one could hear me. I’m sure happy I did! Since then I’ve learned to melt quietly into anal-prostate bliss, though I love groaning, grunting and shouting when I can. And flopping!

  3. Hey bud, we all have our own unique journeys to PGasm Land.

    For me I am totally still and trying to not have any active control of my body whatsoever but for many their journeys will have them riding their orgasms like a pneumatic drill.

    If it gets you there then go with it!

  4. You probably already figured this out but just in case, make sure you don’t worry too much about prostrate pleasure right at the start. I’ve learned there is a huge difference in sensation after a couple of edges and my prostate gets swollen.

    I’m not in the “never touch yoursel” camp. It’s good advice for new people so that they can identify the feelings of the prostate, but once you are familiar with it, minor penile simulation is fine. I recommend some kind of vibrator instead of of stroking since it is more teasing (I also apply lidocaine to my penis so I don’t get the full sensation.)

    The goal with penile stimulation is to help with the prostate sensations as it makes me involuntarily contact more. You don’t want to use it to bring yourself closer to the edge. In fact, when my penis is pretty numb, it doesn’t feel as good as applying vibrations to my perineum. Most of the feeling comes from the internal part of my penis since the external (frenulum) is numb (I’m circumcised BTW.)

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