My experience

One thing I’ve noticed with newer guys is they’re always asking “what am I doing wrong”, a better question is “what are you doing right?” It felt good right? That’s a success! You’ll get there, have faith.

The guides are helpful in telling you the basics. But my hunch is I think some guys may be struggling with trying to do things by the books. One day it’ll just click, when it’s not fun anymore put it up for a few days and come back.

Everyone’s body is different, everyone’s progasm sessions should be too. Ride the orgasms in your own way. Whatever gives you pleasure keep doing it, I sometimes just rock my ass back and forth on the bed moving my aneros by the tail, something that just happened in the heat of the moment.

I’ve had hundreds of prostate orgasms over the year and it’s not by following the books. That’s your orgasms – have them, I’ll have my own, and I’m NOT sharing.

I jerk off every time. I also jerk off regularly (multiple times a day). Sometimes I smoke pot. Sometimes I drink Sometimes I watch porn. Sometimes I listen to music. All things people tell you not to do and I still have orgasms all night.

Sometimes my leg shakes, other times it doesn’t. Sometimes I precum, other times I don’t. Sometimes I’m hard, other times I’m not. None of that matters except the prostate orgasms, I wouldn’t get there if I was so focused on these things. Every new day is a new vibe (figuratively and literally – the vice is in)

Point is. Just like with anything sexual, find what turns you on and go with it… Of course the basic mechanics need to happen to get the stimulation but the rest is up to you.

Happy riding boys. Don’t sweat… Or do… 😏