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So I have gained some experience with the Aneros Helix Syn. I am able to have small pleasurable p-waves.

Unfortunately, I am unhealthy and my blood circulation is very bad. Working on it to get better (stopped smoking, doing cardio). However, when using the Aneros nowadays, my prostate goes numb after a few minutes.

So in order to still have sessions, I am switching to Aless for the moment. I did not find very useful tips yet. Has anybody got experience with Aless and can please help me?


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  1. Hey bud. Just wanted to say well done on the lifestyle changes! That’s amazing work. Stick with it.

    I am far from an expert but HAVE had A-Less prostate orgasms. The common perception is that A-Less becomes easier once you have had success WITH Aneros. Obviously the vets on this sub can speak more accurately to this.

    Can you give us some more information on what your sessions are like? What is it you are doing, How hard are you doing Kegels etc… so that we can maybe help you out? There could well be a simple way to adjust your sessions to keep you progressing with the Helix.

    Again, awesome work on quitting smoking and taking up cardio. You won’t regret it!

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