1. Well the aneros toys are designed to hit and stimulate the male prostate. However males and females are very similar in a way, so it could very likely be possible to hit the female equivalent (g-spot) with it. Yes I’m sure it would work, but there are tons of designated g-spot toys around (btw they work for males too)

  2. Well an Aneros is designed to hit and stimulate a prostate so I doubt it’d be of much use for female anatomy. Not having said anatomy I can’t say for sure – given some women find anal stimulation very intense perhaps it would. I suspect something like an NJOY Pure Wand would be more suitable and offer more options to non prostate havers…

  3. Aneros is for sure shaped for prostate stimulation. I have wondered if I could possibly do the thing for g spot. I think the shape is off. Aneros does make (or used to make) something called an Evi?
    I have not seen or heard much of that one tbh.

  4. Are you wanting to use it anally or vaginally? I have a massager that I really like that has reviews from women. I imagine they are using it vaginally to hit the g spot. An aneros might work for that, but they do have tabs meant to hit the perineum and behind the anus. Those tabs might not work too well for women. (

    Now, if you want to use it anally, it will probably feel good, but I’m not sure how good since women lack a prostate. That question would be best for r/AnalOnlyLifestyle

  5. So there’s not really a limit to the different “types” of orgasms there are, but we tend to define them based on what was being simulated to cause them. There are typically up to three male erogenous zones that can give orgasms: penis, prostate, and sometimes anus.

    Women have three analogous erogenous zones: clit, g-spot, and sometimes anus. And sometimes vagina (which is not necessarily g-spot).

    Aneros toys are designed to hit the male prostate, and they’re designed to use contractions of the rectum to do so. That’s how they’re hands-free: contract your butt muscles and it hits the spot.

    Now in theory you could put an Aneros in a vagina and hit a woman’s g-spot, and that could give her a “super orgasm” (or what my wife refers to as “an orgasm”). But a woman’s vagina isn’t shaped like a man’s anus, which means contracting her pussy muscles probably isn’t going to move the toy enough to make it count.

    Conversely, you could insert an Aneros in a woman’s butt, but it’s not likely to hit any specific erogenous zone because she doesn’t have a prostate. Maybe it hits the shared wall between the vagina and the anus, which can be an erogenous zone (and would usually be the source of what a woman would call an anal orgasm). But that kind of orgasm doesn’t usually come from this kind of simulation, and anyway I think it might hit too deep for that on most women.

    tld;dr: There are other toys that are better suited to provide vaginal or anal orgasms. Aneros toys are designed specifically to go in a man’s butt to stimulate a prostate. While a g-spot is similar to a prostate and can provide a “super orgasm”, women don’t keep those in their butts.

    As far as “super orgasms”, women who can achieve those can do so through more traditional means.

  6. I found this very interesting, probably what you are looking for.[https://missrubyreviews.com/review-aneros-evi-hands-free-kegel-exerciser-and-dildo/](https://missrubyreviews.com/review-aneros-evi-hands-free-kegel-exerciser-and-dildo/)

    And I am pretty sure that women can share the super-o experience (or already do and just call it differently). All those parallels between the types of stimulation (clit/penis tip with refractory, g-spot/p-spot with squirting.. the descriptions how it feels, the curves of arousal.. all this leads to the conclusion that it’s not a thing men or women share, but humans share.

    I’d love to find out if my audioguides work for women too if I only change a few key words..

  7. While a womam could use one of the prostate stimulators, Aneros does actually make a gender nuetral toy and also one specifically to give women hands-free orgasms. The [evi](https://www.aneros.com/product/evi/) is basically the g-spot equivalent to the prostate toys. The Tempo and Peridise are marketed as gender nuetral if I recall

  8. Great question! Awesome you asked this. I have wondered about this myself (I’m gay, so it was pure curiosity… lol)

    What is the prostate in a man forms as the skenes glands in woman. From what I’ve read the female glands have the same or similar innervation but not the same mass. Also not sure if the glands will swell when stimulated like the prostate does.

    As another poster says though, the vaginal musculature is different to the anal musculature so manipulation of the Aneros could be unpredictable.

    The p-tabs could potentially brush the clit as the toy moves which could help a super o along.

    I dunno. Give it a go! What’s the worst that can happen? 😁

  9. Well the super o that men get from prostate stimulation would probably be comparable to an average female orgasm at its worst or a delicious “haven’t came in a while ” female orgasm so there is that

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