First Success – Should I Go Vibe/Bigger?

IDK if what I did qualifies as a super/prostate O but definitely some new results this latest time trying. Took hours and I had to pregame with regular masturbation (with some delay in between).

So what I got multiple of were these ASMR-like bolts almost like one side of my ribs being stroked upward with a feather or something, huge spine tingles. But IDK if these are the dry O because at least each individual one of these wasn’t as strong as a regular masturbation orgasm, and if I stopped there I wouldn’t have been satisfied.

Then I took things to a wet finish, again without conventional masturbation but with some light ball squeezing in addition to the rest of the breathing/clenching. Great result but it seems very hard to take things that far.

So on one hand I see a lot of the guides saying less is more and to focus on the subtle sensations. But when doing this attempt I was definitely getting very close off the “when it goes in” omfg sensation when I re-lubed a couple times and also when I re-inserted just for that sensation in an attempt to get over the edge.

So this begs the question: would a vibrating and/or straight-up larger toy be better than the basic trident? I’m still pretty much a beginner and a lot of the guides say vibration is an expert thing. But I’m often having trouble getting over the edge and in those close to the edge situations it seems like more stimulation could help. But maybe my technique just needs to improve more and bigger/vibrating stuff would be counterproductive. What circumstances make these worth trying?



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