4th session – small progress but not there yet

Last night I decided to go for my 4th session and listen to Mindgasm tutorial as many of you guys suggested.
– I smoke some weed
– Took a nice shower to clean up and relax
– went to bed
– put on my headset and relaxed while putting Aneros in. This time it felt so good that I thought I would finally have THAT session everybody is looking forward to.
– Session lasted approx 2 hours – 2 hours of multiple failed attempts. Ended up touching my penis and cuming with a regular penile orgasm
– On a positive note, I got a better understanding of the 2 muscles and the type of contractions that can help reach our goal

1) Mindgasm tutorial is really helpful and made realized that I was doing it all wrong. I got to learn about the lower an middle muscles

*** I dont know what is 75% of contraction – even my 100% is not clear. Should 100% be really strong to the point it hurt ? How do I measure 25%, 50%, 75% ?
*** it was really hard for me to keep my PC muscle contracted for 30 sec. I felt like at some point it was just my sphincter which was contracted and had to put more strenght to contract PC muscle. Am I doing it wrong ? At every “big squeeze+hold”, my PC muscle would shake while I’m holding it.

2) Involuntary contraction: I’m still not sure I what I felt was involuntary contraction. When I would squeeze+hold my body would start shaking, asking for it to stop. Although it was kind of a pleasant feeling, I would not be able to pass that stage. My PC muscle would contract and de-contract as if it was about to give up…

***Are involuntary contractions what I experienced ? Or.. would they happen only if I’m able to hold and pass the stage of shaking ?
***Is it the shaking while squeezing+holding that defines involuntary contractions or would it be the something else (automatic squeezing/contractions while releasing?)

3) Hornyness: although I was looking forward to an amazing session, it was hard for me to get horny and my dick couldnt get hard ; especially with the tutorial playing in background. At some point I started switching back and forth to different horny thoughts and started becoming aroused while squeezing and holding but I would get distracted everytime PC muscle was about to give up. To be honest this was frustrating. I also tried grinding but it was just too many sensation all at once and difficult to focus.

***Do I have to be super horny prior to session ?
***I find it difficult to have horny thoughts while doing the exercise. At the same time, if I dont have horny thought, how am I going to be aroused ?
***Can you achieve Pwaves / Pgasm without thinking of any horny situation ? Like… if I just do the exercise, will I get there ?

I really want to experience Pwaves and Pgasm, for some reasons, it is just tough to clear my mind and lose total control (I tend to control myself a lot in life)

Any advice or comment would help !

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  1. I’m legit in the same boat as you and just had my 4th session. I have really been enjoying the involuntary body shakes. I’d say just enjoy the ride. Enjoy your body and all the feelings that you have during it.

  2. If anyone could answer my questions that would be amazing ! Kinda lost here 😩😇

  3. If anyone could answer my questions that would be amazing ! Kinda lost here 😩😇

  4. If anyone could answer my questions that would be amazing ! Kinda lost here 😩😇

  5. If anyone could answer my questions that would be amazing ! Kinda lost here 😩😇

  6. You are doing a lot of things in order to produce results. I can’t help you a lot because I’m doing the « do nothing » method.

    What is working well for me is to vape some weed, relax and have deep controlled breath. After a few minutes pleasure waves start to grow in my prostatic area, becoming more and more intense and turning into orgasms. Once I have orgasms, I module them with nipple play.

    the key factors for me are: weed, deep breathing, relaxation, nipple play and surrender.

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