1. Having a normal penile orgasm helps settle mine.
    A couple of ibprofen can also help calm things down.

  2. You may want to stop using the Aneros altogether, or drastically cut back on using it.

  3. This is actually why I decided to stop using Aneros altogether. I’ve read about guys on the Aneros forum who were having uncontrollable and unpredictable orgasms and wanted to know how to stop them and that freaked me out. I can’t afford to go without sleep.

  4. Try some meditation too. Try to completely relax and literally imagine your prostate returning to a calm and relaxed state. It’s sort of like imagining what you want your result to be and picture what that would look and feel like. It’s called manifesting. I know it sounds weird and on the wacky side but it’s also something runners do before a race. They picture themselves having the energy to run and complete the race and win. They try to imagine everything of what that would be like in reality. Try doing something similar and don’t forget to also picture yourself comfortable, at ease and getting great sleep. Being able to go about your day issue free and only arousing the prostate when your ready for it..
    (I believe this also to be something someone could do if they wanted to awaken their prostate as well. I’m female but am trying this for my Gspot as I’ve had no luck with it so far and it does seem to be slowly giving me some positive feelings there vs uncomfort)
    best of luck to you!

  5. Hey bud. So, I have just laid off p play for a couple of weeks and mine has calmed down. Before I would get random twitches and spasms and occasional mini Os during the day.

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