Last nights surprise A-less session

I dident plan on having any kind of session last night but when I got in the shower I felt my body telling me something was about to happen. Within a couple minutes I’m having some light dry o’s while standing up in the shower. Then a big one hits and I’m barely able to hold myself up. I have another few light o’s while drying off and continued the session laying in bed for another 30 min. I ended up finishing with a traditional orgasm but wow was that unexpected



  1. Does that mean you weren’t wearing your aneros in the shower when this started.

  2. Also had a surprise a-less session last night.

    Was able to have 4 orgasms, each of varying pleasure just with some masturbation and applying some pressure on and off to the perenium which had me just on the edge of a regular orgasm but I was able to hold in that state of pure pleasure for about 5 minutes each time.

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