[A first report after 3 months] Today I came twice in 15 minutes (using my hands)

I’d like to share what happened to me with the Helix Syn, I’m writing this after my most successful session.

I bought the Helix Syn about three months ago and had around 10+ sessions. I’m not completely new to anal play but I’m basically a beginner.

The first session were quite enjoyable but nothing special. I tried Mindgasm, I was listening to Binaural Beats, I tried to focus on the sensations and followed many different approaches after reading this sub. All the time I ended the session with a traditional orgasm because somehow I was aroused and the feeling was definitely more intense that normal. Therefore I knew that I was going in the right direction, tho very slowly.

The game changer was trying weed. I’m not a fan of it, I usually avoid it because it never relaxes me mentally, nor phisically. But as soon as I smoked half a joint, the sensations changed. For the first three or four sessions I was definitely feeling something new, they were probably pleasure waves but in the heat of the moment it’s hard to understand what is going on. I noticed that, when laying on my back, I tended to raise my legs and make them close to the chest and that definitely had an impact of the intensity of the feeling. I was moving my middle and base muscles, but I have the feeling I was more in control of them rather than the other way around. All these sessions were quite good and I enjoyed them all. I haven’t rally leaked any pre-cum, tho, so I’m still wondering if there’s something that I should do differently. However, since it’s vastly agreed that you need to focus on the pleasure rather than its effects, I decided not to worry about it and go on with this modus operandi.

Today was different. I smoked some weed, then put some Binaural Beats, inserted the toy and moved my muscles to build some sensations. After a while I started to shake, and that was not new. What was new is that my body kinda reacted to the shuttering and at some point I started to move my hips as if I was trying to induce the toy to fuck me (I was also imagining someone that was fucking me. I’m gay, btw). This had happened before, I think, but it was more intentional. I’m not saying that moving my body was 100% unintentional this time but it felt less deliberate. And this happened at least 4 or 5 times, indipendently of the positions I tried (laying on my back, on the side, on the belly). Then I clearly felt a deeper pleasure and… I don’t know exactly how to call them, maybe they were mini-Orgasms? Each of them lasted longer than a traditional orgasm and they were less intense. After the fourth or fifth mini Orgasm (not sure i should label them that way whatever), approximately an hour had passed since the beginning of the session, I decided that I wanted to cum and started touching my penis and force a regular orgasm. I know you should refrain from it but I just couldnt help it. The orgasm was pretty intense and rewarding.

I thought the session ended so I just laid on the bed enjoying the feelings, cum on my chest, and a deep satisfying sensation. I was still listening to binaural beats and, being very relaxed, I considered the idea of falling asleep. After a while, though, probably 15 minutes after cumming, I decided that I wanted to take a shower and started to remove the toy. But here happened something strange: when I was trying to remove the Helix Syn, my body started to shake again and very soon I found myself trying to push the toy to fuck me (at some point I helped it with my hand pushing it deeper) while at the same time jerking off. And after a long and intense orgasm, I came for the second time (I’m 31, by the way). This was completely unexpected, because after cumming the first time I definitely felt that sensation of being… Empty. But as soon as I tried to remove the toy, I felt aroused and immediately understood I could enjoy some more pleasure.

All in all, an incredible session. I went probably out of the road because I kinda forced a traditional orgasm, but the whole experience was just incredibly intense and maybe this is the way I should follow my body, you know? Do you think, however, that I should try to change something to maybe reach other levels of pleasure (i.e. How do I remove the desire to phisiy cum)? I’m deeply satisfied with what I had today but wouldn’t mind going further 🙂

Thanks for reading!

TLDR; Had a particularly intense session after three months, my body started to shake and after a while I was moving my hips to make the toy fuck me. Not sure it was completely unintentional but I definitely wasn’t 100% controlling. I finished the session, which lasted one hour probably, with a traditional orgasm. After a while, though, before trying to remove the toy, I started to feel my body shaking and very soon I was trying to make the toy fuck me moving my hips etc. Came a second time, probably 15 minutes after the first time.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/mqy3nf/a_first_report_after_3_months_today_i_came_twice/


  1. I’m not the most experienced and haven’t had anything I would call a super O but in my opinion, if you are enjoying then just keep doing it. Maybe just try a few different things here and there, but don’t worry about not achieving some higher level. You’ll get there eventually.

  2. Usually it’s the desire/urges/expectations(the idea that u can still have an enhanced traditional o even if you don’t have a successful session) to cum that stop you from making further progress. Surrender to those desires urges and expectations, let them be and don take them personally. let the music take you away, when u completely loose the sense of self, it’s when things started to become limitless.

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