1. Have you had success with the syn or any hands free massagers? I only have the Progasm and haven’t been able to get anything out of it and I’ve had it for three years. Not sure if it’s me or if I’m not ready for it yet.

  2. Absolutely.

    Progasm is very effective. So is Progasm Jr. In fact, all the Aneros models I own are very effective. The training does more than the model in my opinion. But it’s nice to be able to change models as you want.

  3. I bought a Progasm about 4 months after having my first toy (syn trident) and it was an amazing addition. My favourite is still the syn trident, but I do get excited when I stick that massive thing up my arse. It is a lot more forceful on the prostate and there is less movement. I typically start with the syn trident then 1h later move on to the Progasm. Amazing! I really like getting really stoned and inserting the Progasm, it is so filling and feels like it’s taking over me. Jeez I’m horny I might have to go find my Progasm….

  4. I like the size. I like switching back and forth with smaller toys I find the tabs uncomfortable. I removed the k-tab. It changes the depth and the angle but not in a bad way.

  5. Purchased my Progasm about 6 months after Helix, about 3-4 years ago. Tbh, until recently (4 months) I really didn’t use it that often. Lately it’s one of the only toys I’m using! In short, I highly recommend it but my experience had truly been ebb and flow with all my toys.

  6. I’ve owned a Progasm for over 2 years and i love it … But, i only use it for penetrative sex with my wife. It makes nearly every part of foreplay and sex better.

    As far as recommending it as a prostate massager – absolutely! However, there are a couple of challenges I’ve faced with the way i use the Progasm (penetration sex), it sometimes affects the quality of my orgasm, or it’s not awesome consistently; and it sometimes affects my hardon and i go a little soft, probably due to the size of the toy.

    All that to say that I’m looking to buy one of the smaller aneros models to see if it solves my two issues … If it doesn’t, I’m ok with it since the positives way out number the negatives.

  7. Oh heck yes – Have a Progasm Ice and can’t get enough of it.
    Technique (for me) is a little different from something like a Helix Syn – due to Progasm’s size very little contraction (or none) is required to get things ‘going’… a little pot.. some nipple play and it’s good bye world for the next hour or two for me.
    The Helix Syn (for me) takes a little more to get going contraction wise but is a gentler and more sensual ride IMHO. The Progasm just makes me cum.. over and over and… you get the idea.
    I do think though that a Progasm is better once you already manage PGASMS or at least repeated PWAVES – I didn’t get anything much out of it till I got to multiple PGASMS on the Helix.
    IMHO it’s a great addition to the toybox

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