Achieving the flutter

Hello guys, I have now spent quite some time along the journey.

I do not have much success sadly and I’ve tried a lot.

Different positions, different lubes, porn, no porn, audio porn, do nothing, flex….

While I usually get involuntaries started, they just feel… like nothing really. I can feel the muscles flex and I feeld the aneros move, but there is absolutely no feeling.

However, a few months ago, I had one session, that was really exciting, it was one of my first sessions aswell. While doing nothing and laying on my back, knees apart, the involuntaries became a flutter that was really pleasurable and started to increase in intensity. It was really feeling like an orgasm was building and I was really quite sure that at the end of that flutter, true bliss was waiting. However, the feeling died down eventually, without sending me over the edge, maybe I overthought it.

The aftermath of this session was my prostate tingling/buzzing for a few dadys and I’m pretty sure that was my best session so far.

However I have never been able to recreate this flutter. I will occasionally get some singulare flutters, but they are only ever a single twitch without being sustained.

Do you have similar experiences? How do you create and sustain the flutter? I’m starting to get frustrated and could need some encouragement.



  1. Seriously… weed. It seems to put me in exactly the right state of mind. I just take a few hits from a vape and within minutes I’m feeling the right things. I tried for a long time without and had very little success. Weed gave me the breakthrough I needed.

  2. I also agree with SoulShaker, weed /thc does a lot. My journey is all but perfect, no succes yet, Been doing prostate play for years. But since finding reddit gotten more into it again. But its been already 2 years ago I think I had some amazing Aneros session. Back then I think I was on an edible, had found chastity as new part of my kink stuff. My procedure was just laying down, toy in. Long porn scene (kink, everythingbutt, after the one scene move on to skipping through lots of transporn). But just do a bit of contractions, not even continuously. Like in intervals of 5-8 mins dont remember exactly. At some point I got major pleasure feelings, I think I als moved up to the Maximus at that point, also using hand to push it more in/towards prostate. At some point also almost uncontrolable contraction of my butt. Maybe only 3 waves or something, Not sure if I already included poppers when it started. Anyway, 2-3 days after I still had sore glutes. Sadly have not been able to replicate. I dont think it was an orgasm, but certainly some kind of wave.

    TLDR: had an amazing session on edibles. 1 min contractions on a 5-8 min interval. 1 hour into it, got hit by major pleasure waves.

    Now coming to the subject of flutter, or maybe a tingle?
    Mostly when I use the Eupho I can feel a little bit of a tingle or pleasurable tickle feeling, that I could describe as a flutter, uncontrollable /involuntary contraction. But nowdays my sessions I try more the mindgasms stuff or binaural beats (all with THC). But havent gotten breakthroughs lately.

  3. Plateauing is fairly normal and has happened to me once or twice for extended periods (so far anyhow). I think part of this is learning to enjoy and crave the feelings you do get. It sounds like vague nonsense but really mentality helps a lot. Learning to say/think “damn this feels good” instead of “more more” somehow helps a lot with progression. If you’re frustrated it’s probably because you’re expecting things to go a certain way. This won’t get very far so learn to just enjoy and more will come. This is way harder than it sounds. Also keep in mind that you’re exercising new muscles, feeling new sensations, and building sensitivity. I think this comes with time and practice and of course everyone is different. Not sure how long you’ve been trying but be patient with yourself and give yourself time to build up.

    That said, some other ..more objective.. suggestions:

    * Try changing your timing. Eg: do a session the day after a session if you’re not sore. This seems to vary by person (and probably by session) but some of my better sessions have been the day after a previous one.
    * Weed can help heighten things but don’t see it as a silver bullet. If you aren’t used to marijuana it may be better to get used to it before joining it with a session or just ignore it altogether.
    * Try a different toy. I’ve found that simple variety (instead of one model vs another) sometimes brings progress. When I first experimented with an njoy wand I didn’t like it or make much progress, but the following aneros session was very productive. Similar things have happened for me between various aneros models. I suspect the new toy experimentation sort of helps with the mentality I was rambling about in my first paragraph.
    * Try a bath. Probably my favorite way to have a session. Just don’t make the water too hot since you’ll be in there a while. Sooo easy to relax, maybe have some wine or a beer.
    * Try the exercises… with or without a toy

  4. I would try doing some edging before trying the aneros. I find getting myself warned up makes my prostate swell up and much more sensitive.

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