1. If there is any one “secret” to achieving prostate orgasm it is that your mental state is paramount. Being aroused, relaxed and completely open to new sensations is actually more important than any muscular gyrations you can conjure up, with the correct mental state your body will find it’s own way.

  2. * try different positions
    * try different timings between sessions
    * try new/different toys
    * try new lubes
    * try mindgasm.net
    * try r/gonewildaudio
    * try a session in a bath
    * try other non-penile stimulation (balls, nipples, etc)

  3. Check out the book “The Multiorgasmic Man”. I learned from this book that ejaculation and orgasm are separate phenomena. Sure, they seem to like to happen at the exact same time, but you can pull them apart with your mind and experience orgasm without ejaculating. Knowing this is true through practice and experience really facilitates generating orgasms with the aneros.

  4. Squueze as tight as you can for as long as you can, just to feel the pressure, then the quivers will happen. It’ll teach you what the muscles are..

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