Breakthrough dry orgasms with no toy involved! Holy Crap

I had at least 3 unexpected strong dry orgasms without the use of any toy!  I had smoked a little and drank a few beers and was pretty buzzed and sleepy…not aroused in the least.

I went to bed and laid on my right side and accidentally “brushed my cock with my hand” and I felt a STRONG sensation in my prostate and I felt an orgasm building quickly …I had no toy…I was ready to go to sleep and WHAM! I clenched my PC muscles and felt the warm sensation rushing through my body. It was a very strong dry orgasm…my penis never got hard and it lasted maybe a solid minute or so. When it was over I lay there breathing heavy and enjoying the after glow, and here it came again!  I never tried to create these sensations but there was no ignoring what was happening.   My body tensed and I felt a wave of intense pleasure controlling my whole body a second time..and then a third time,..NO TOY or intentions of this happening to me.

I have no idea what made this happen but I hope it does again.  Do not give up on your journey. I have been using Helix Syn and Progasm Ice for the last year with pleasant results but nothing like I felt last night without any toy….



  1. No orgasms/pwaves yes, but I recently started making some nice progress doing a technique that I think will get me there (rolling pc/anal muscles).

    Very recently, the last couple days, sometimes when I flex those muscles for whatever reason, I can feel my prostate start pulsing, pretty clearly. It’s not pleasurable, but it is new and I think that’s a good sign.

  2. Funny how the ALESS orgasms are sometimes more wonderful.
    Get all hot and bothered – touch nipples, breath, orgasm. Rub and repeat lol… hot post. And here’s me trying to calm down post Progasm session… I should go read r/politics to take me mind off this morning and maybe get something done today.

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