First HFW, Question for Vets

Well, after a fun ride last night, woke up to my postate and cock buzzing. I’m also having constant spasms in my abs like I’m fucking. Did my morning errands and returned home. I was so horny and everything pumping, so I laid down and started a little nipple play. Started spasming and flailing like when I ride or go aless. This time my cock was much more involved and got that bright red super swollen tip. After 30 seconds to a minute of flopping and twitching on my back and my cock hard as a rock and bouncing like crazy, I felt the unmistakable urge to cum. I have had the feeling before during rides or aless sessions, but this time I knew it was going to be wet. Sure enough…I started pumping ropes of cum. Unlike a normal T, this was all initiated internally and it felt fucking amazing. I layed there after in stunned amazement. This journey has taught me things about my body I never knew were possible. I did have a short refractory period, but even now as I write this, my body continues to pump and spasm with horney excitement.

Now, for my question…

Specifically for vets that have had both multiple rolling prostate O’s/super-O’s AND have had hands free wet O’s. I am worried now that my body knows how to pump itself to wet O, that this will interrupt or become a problem for my prostate O sessions where I want multiple dry O’s which I have had plenty of. Are you able to control or recognize the urge to spurt and either push it over the edge OR keep it dry and continue to pleasure the prostate?



  1. Hi, I think you should no worry about: simply go on as you are doing: relax and enjoy what your body gift you.

    You are re-learning a lot of things, simply give time to your body to adapt.
    Sometimes you will have dry-o, others great eyaculations.
    Probably if you stimule your dick, you will have an eyaculation

  2. I definitely thought you meant veteran as in military veteran and was racking my brain at how this would differ for a veteran of combat. I…I am not a smart man.

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