Eupho Trident

My first toy from Aneros was the Helix Syn Trident. I then purchased both the Progasm Ice along with the Tempo. Note, I had been able to achieve the Super O roughly a year after I had purchased they Syn Trident…. it was my first one. I had not considered the Eupho as it looked pretty close to the same as the Helix Syn… and I just didn’t think it would make that much of a difference.

I welcomed the Eupho Trident to my home about 2 months ago now, and just hadn’t had the time to write any sort of review on it. Went for the white plastic version as have the Syn for the Helix already thus figured with it being close to the same, why not try the white plastic.

All I can say is that this toy is a TREASURE. While yes it is different in size, I can definitely give it two thumbs up! The intensity of my Super O’s with this thing have been the most intense out of all of my toys and definitely is my favourite!

While with the Helix Syn as well as the Tempo, with both of these ones, I have been able to sit in my recliner and grind on them… but not so well with the Eupho or the Progasm… the tabs are hard and it just digs in too much. It’s fine for a bit, but then just gets a bit annoying/painful where it digs in.

Now laying down in my bed with my knee’s up or on my side…. OMG WHAT A DELIGHT this toy is. It has brought me some of my largest Super O’s ever!

As well, if you are one of many who have never had a Super O… do not get these confused with regular ejaculatory orgasms…. a Super O is completely different. I encourage you to read up on them here: [](

Try this toy… it just rubs it differently!



  1. Nice post! How would you describe the difference between the Eupho and Progasm? The most common thing I hear is that the Eupho is way more mobile and really dances around

  2. You describe everything perfectly. The Eupho Trident is my third device. The first time I inserted it, I was like…….perfection. It touches just right. And, super light and nimble. While I still use my Progasm and less so my Healix, the Eupho Trident is my go-to. Oh, and I’m still making progress, no Super O’s yet, but once I started using the Eupho, my progression has definitely accelerated.

  3. What lube do you use with the Eupho Trident? I’ve had mine for almost 2 years and have also had great Super O’s with it, but feel like I need to keep reapplying lube. I’ve tried Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Sliquid Sassy, and Pjur original, but with each one I’ve needed to reapply after 30-45 minutes

  4. Great discussion on this chain, folks. I have a Helix Syn Trident and a Progasm as well. And definitely eyeing the Eupho for my next purchase. I’m trying to decide between the plastic and the Syn. I’ve heard other reviewers describe the plastic being more maneuverable, which seems to be the prime benefit of the Eupho. But I really like the comfort of the silicon.

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