Man, I can’t wait till tonight.

SO much progress in a week. Last night, my dick was drooooling precum during my session. Not only could I feel my prostate with the toy, I started getting that nice warm feeling and lots of dick twitching. I don’t think there was a pgasm but I don’t care, it felt amazing.

If I didn’t have to be up so early this morning, I’d have gone on for hours. But because I did, I put a vibrator right against the toy in my ass and HOLY SHIT did that feel great. When I flexed my PC muscle, it felt like pleasure was flowing into my body. I did this for about 20 minutes. I can see what a lot of guys said to avoid your dick. But because I did need to get some sleep, I finished myself off. The feeling of jerking my dick while the vibrations were jiggling my insides was insane. That was the best cum I had in quite some time.

Can’t wait to lube up and shove the Progasm up there. It’s going to be a long day.


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  1. That’s awesome brother! Just go into it being happy to get whatever great sensations you get. You will get to PGasm (if you haven’t already). Just being turned up by the session and getting to the point where that excitement just carries on escalating will get you there. It’s the weirdest thing cos you are really not doing anything, it feels like it’s being done TO YOU. You just have to lay back and submit to the pleasure!

    I’m happy for you!

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