Do wet prostate orgasms have refractory period? I just had the most INTENSE ORGASM of my life. But it was sadly a wet one :(

I was using an aneros. NOthing else at all. Literally just laying there doing nothing.

I’m wondering wether wet prostate orgasms have refractory?

I think the question would be wether it’s a normal orgasm though or just prostate fluid right?? Because from what I think is that if it’s prostate only fluid then it can be done multiple times?? But if not then I can’t?

It was ridiculously intense tho seriously Whole body was shaking

It was the same orgasm type I get when I manually use something to prostate but this is the first time I done something hands free.

I mean technically tbh I’m not unhappy lol but it’s just how come I can only seem to have these ones?

It built up REALLLLLLLLLY SLOW that’s why it was ridiculously intense

I’m wondering wether I should of relaxed more consciously to not go over the edge? Then would that be classes as a dry orgasm right? Because I feel like maybe I could of done if I was concentrating enough because it built up so slow



  1. You are really the best person to ask. Every body is different as they say!

    So, you had the orgasm, are you in a refractory period now?

  2. In my experience if it’s clear fluid there’s not really a refractory period, it’s like going from a 10 down to like 6-7. If it’s white like with TO ejaculation then there is a refractory period.

  3. I’ve been able to get as many as 5 HFWOs but that’s more in succession. Like, after the first huge wet one, I keep going. In a minute or so later, there’s another unique one. Then, another, etc. They diminish in intensity but they’re definitely multiple. I’ve once had 5 of those, stopped due to exhaustion and then rubbed out a traditional O. That was an intense session. I can usually get to 3 no problem. There isn’t so much a refractory period for me as it is being completely drained.

  4. If I remember right, the clear ‘precum’ fluid is secreted by the Cowper’s gland and not the prostrate. It is purpose is to line the urethra as a protective barrier to any acidic urine that may linger there that might destroy or harm sperm cells.
    The prostate produces the milky ‘cum’ fluid that contains sperm cells in ejaculate.

  5. You can have multiple prostate orgasms in a row. Last night I lost count after the first five in a row. But I think I was way beyond 20. Then there was a pause. And boom another five or so. Little pause then I thought I would stop and another one hit me harder and much longer. Or there were several but I couldn’t tell one from the previous one. What a wonderful night! I still feel a tingle since then.

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